David’s Poolside Service & Repair has been working with virtually every pool equipment brand for the past 30+  years. Your equipment is serviced by our own experienced staff. 


Pumps & Motors

Pool pumps come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. Whether your pump has a slight drip, won’t turn on, or is throwing more sparks than a Fourth of July parade, we can break your pump down and make a thorough recommendation on what’s needed to bring it back to life.  We also make recommendations on pump upgrades. The technology available for pool pumps has changed drastically in the past 5 years due to ever-increasing technology. From high-efficiency single speed pumps to the newest advances in variable speed technology, we can not only help your pool stay cleaner, but save you money while doing it!


Jandy LXI Gas Pool Heater
Pool Heaters

Your pool’s heater is one of the most complex item in your pool system. It takes a special level of care and time to properly diagnose and balance a unit that has water, gas, and electricity inside of it. We work on all types of pool heaters.




Your pool’s filter is the primary item that differentiates your pool from a swamp. We recommend servicing D.E. and cartridge filters every six months. We offer filter service which includes a complete break down of the filter elements, a full cleaning, inspection, reassembly, and charging of the filter for D.E. systems. If any repairs are needed, we are trained on all types of systems and will always explain the issue before sending a bid. We also offer a variety of options for filtration systems should your filter need replacing. We can evaluate your current set up, and make recommendations for the perfect pairing with your existing equipment. 

Salt Systems & Chlorinators

We are fully trained to repair and install automatic chlorinators, salt water systems, ozonators, and UV-based sanitation systems. If you’re considering adding any of these systems to an existing pool, please feel free to contact us to see what may be the best fit for you. 



Leaking equipment is a sure sign of a repair need. Cracked pipes, earth shifts, backwash valve leaks, o-ring’s need replacement are all reasons to call for help.



Swimming Pool Lighting

Underwater lights are common and standard item in all pools. There are many manufacturers of light fixtures on the market, including Pac-Fab (now owned be Pentair), Hayward, American Products and Sta-rite (now owned by Pentair). Smaller, halogen lamps are now being installed, as well as fiber optic decorative lighting that can run above or below water. Regardless of the kind of lighting you have, we can handle it


Pool Cleaners

Many cleaner problems can be easily corrected with simple repairs. When we come to your house we can usually quickly assess just what is going wrong. Whether repairing or considering replacing, we can figure out just what is needed to keep your pool beautiful. We are trained in all varieties of cleaners, including suction, pressure, and robotic units, including Infloor Popup Cleaning Systems.


Timers & Control Systems

Whether you need your mechanical timer serviced, or want to upgrade to the latest and greatest in wifi-enabled and phone-app controlled systems, we do it all!